Sunday, April 14, 2013

A complaint on plugs

Why do different countries have different plug types???


It's just so extremely frustrating for travellers.

Also they look like upside down faces!!

O is happy, H is evilly laughing, F & G the cute robot brothers, E is a cute blob that only has eyes of the facial features.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Zealand VS. Switzerland scenery quiz!!

So I live in Wellington, NZ, and this August I'm going on a school exchange with AFS to somewhere in Switzerland (I'll find out where when I get placed with a host family)...

Google imaging "Switzerland" (that's how I do my research.), I couldn't hep noticing how extremely similar the views are in both of these countries, going overseas looks just like going home.

Try and match each picture to one of the two countries - the answers will be at the end of the post :)



From top, with picture credits:
Queenstown, NZ
Zurich, Switzerland
Genève, Switzerland
Christchurch, NZ 
(sadly this Cathedral was damaged in the earthquakes and so at the moment they're looking at options for its future...
Lucerne, Switzerland
Matterhorn, Switzerland
Bern, Switzerland
Southern Alps, NZ
And finally my beloved home, Wellington!
If I didn't know these, I don't think I'd get all of them right.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Banana Cupcakes

Today felt like a really long day for some reason. When I got home I assumed the role of domestic goddess and baked some banana cupcakes and cake. The internet is the best recipe book! I click the best looking google links and compare ingredient ratios etc to create the perfect internet recipe.
Yay banana cake! My brothers ate a cupcake in a few seconds so I think they are a success, I iced them with chocolate icing. 
Yeah NZ woman's weekly!

What I wore today...!

Like my one charity shop dress that is a valuable find. I think it was made for a medieval play or something, it has lots of lovely beading :)
It was longer but I cut it (my younger self liked a shorter skirt length regrettably) pretty much like all my secondhand skirt finds... so I'm wearing a slightly longer skirt under it here
With my little brother there, Hirokins. He took the pictures and I'm pushing him out of the self timer picture in the last one.
Dress: Vinnies, Tights & Shoes: Rubi Shoes

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Going to attempt to revive this blog again! Yay! I feel slightly uncomfortable sharing my doings with the internet in case people try to steal my identity or just try to know it too well.
Yes you will, maybe.
Top: Why this blog needed reviving.
Other: Some pretty dresses for you :)
And you've learnt that I can't spell business, and I only want indian ink now because I've got the other two on the list.