Monday, August 29, 2011

Hokonuis : Show

Amazing digital print fabric I just randomly found at spotlight! I love working on the mannequin.

But decided to make it short.

I made my mum's dress too, yeah gotta love 3am sequin sewing. -the same fabric as the top I entered! :D
My dress has ties at the back, which I don't have a picture of here... but yeah. It's just like a square of fabric with ties, but it's a pretty cool partay dress! :)

I totally drove the 70 odd kms from Invercargill to Gore, then the way back. In an automatic, but still! Making progress in the driving stakes, though I'm going to have my learner's for over a year, that's cool...
Good show y'all, good show.

Hokonuis : Entered

Sequined tank and high waisted georgette/lace paneled pants.
I hate blind hems, because I can't do them.

Entering the Hokonuis for the second time, didn't win anything but oh well :)

Brown eyed girl :D

<3 :D
self made top, was my mum's skirt, boots from Itoyoukado?
Omg my fringe is short here.

Happy 4th July for like two months ago!

Woo! Wear that red, white and blue. I <3 USA...

Supre cardie, Guess sweater, school fair shorts, Kipling backpack, warehouse boots

Being ginger.

That's what $2 shop red spray paint did to my hair :D

Then I went and got my hair dyed properly at this hair salon in Melbourne.
But now, it's like faded out!
Oh well. Red hair represent!

Dotti dress