Sunday, July 17, 2011


Making this for school. Intending to finish this before the end of the holidays...though I don't think thats's gonna happen.
Going for a biker look! :)

Then I saw you like a halo, haol, haloooo...

Made this :)

Then did some funky poses with the bike. So 70's! Not really.
Dad's old cardie, pom pom hat form Japan, self made sequin top, school fair shorts (yay flared shorts!), warehouse boots. :)

Vintage like it should be

Okay I guess I deleted the other pictures of this!
In Vinnie's, and I see this. It's like medival! And long (I hemmed it and also made it more fitted) and I tried it on and ahh the neckline is so pretty! Yay! Finding vintage stuff that is actually vintagely AND cool is totally a novelty.

So I did my hair to celebrate.

Vintage dress.

Casual Day-Z

I don't know. :)

Elwood sweater (live in this. Kinda.), dotti striped top, self made skirt, warehouse boots (yay! Flat boots, yes.)