Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yeah. By me.

Necklace-equip?, top-self made, belt-just jeans, skirt-self made (ahh hot pink brocade! :) ), heels-pulp @ hannahs.
I've started to like pink again.


I went to visit my little cousin Riley the other day. She's so cute! We played barbies and dress ups.
(Picture of) Me-it looks like I have prominent cheekbones, or something. Dress-self made.

So if there was a ball

Dress: Wish @ Lippy.
I saw this dress and it was about $200.
But then the other day I was looking through the sale rack and this dress in my size was like...$170. Or something. But I want to make my dress for the ball, sort of.
But I liked it enough to take picture of it. I'm not sure if that's allowed.

Friday, April 15, 2011

It's raining

Just Jeans fluffy waistcoat thing, Lippy bodice, Barkins skirt, Pedro Garcia boots (Aren't they amazing?), coat from Japan. (It's camle and so strokeable!!)
This would be like a typical outfit for me. Top, flared skirt, ankle boots.


I made this for school, AW '11 trands on a moodboard. I still might make another, non digital moodboard to put on my wall.
70's vibe there!


Pom pom beret from Itoyookado in Japan, blazer from Lippy, sweaterdress from Jay Jays, boots from Nine West.

I think these were taken on the last day of the Summer holidays...it was getting cold even then...
Now it's raining almost non stop. :(

Thursday, April 14, 2011

L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival

I went to Melbourne recently (late March) to see some shows at the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. Unfortunately we only got tickets to one show, the offsite runway 1, featuring designers like Alexi Freeman and Jolet.
This is me wearing a sequinned jacket from Jeans West (outlet) and a self designed/made tulle dress.
Yeah the picture is from my dad's phone :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Le specs sunglasses, Bling necklace, self made dress.
I seem to like buying colour change leopard print fabric.


Le Specs sunglasses.

Nature :). I love flying over the South Island because you can just see all the mountains for miles.
I went bungy jumping for the first time in Queenstown. It was only a 43m jump but it seems like alot more when you're standing up there...
And I got dunked in the water. But at least I got a free tshirt!

World Map

Guess watch, self made dress, glassons belt.
In the holidays I planned a trip for after I finish school. I decided on Singapore (a hipster, fun city), Egypt (ancient culture), France (+ Europe) (art and fashion), and Venezuela (angel falls...scenic adventures). Now I just nedd to save up...


My mum's necklace :), Self made dress.
At the Botanic Gardens rose garden and Zealandia. I think I destroyed my legs forever almost running up a huge hill.

This dress was for the Spotlight formal wear competetion. I didnt't win. How disappointing! But it was fun doing this. Prettiness.

Snaps 2

Above: self made top, cotton on belt, forever 21 dress, lipstick wedges.

Above: Equip necklace, Jeans west tee, lee licks, warehouse flats.

Those are my first layby purchase, the licks. I knew I wouldn't be able to save up $200 (though I think now I might) so I paid it off bit by bit. I might layby some shoes from mi piaci. Perhaps.

Trying to catch up on like 5 postless months...