Friday, August 27, 2010

I remembered Barney yesterday!

I had these really cool Barney videos when I was like 5. Barney: Live in New York, and Barney's seasons. I just remembered them yesterday! How could I have forgotton?? :)

Bling headband, Daiso necklace, Scrapbook blazer, Pagani sweaterdress from The Recycle Boutique, Glassons socks, Pulp Noir boots.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Leopard print ear clips from Tokyo Disneyland, Chanel earrings, Equip necklace, Guess watch, Glassons sweater, Supre singlet, Valleygirl jeans.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Guten Tag, Berry!

I am wearing a nice berry combo today, sort of. You know, with the deep red and purple? I got these shoes in the weekend. They're so nice and shiny! It's International Languages Week (at my school, at least...) and the "Greeting of the Day" is guten tag. Yesterday was Bonjour, and tomorrow is Buenos that Spanish? (Translate: Good Morning-Spanish) Anyway. I have this really weird was of saying guten tag. It's like, GUten TAG!! I dunno.

Wearing: Supre scarf, neckalces from Bling and Equip, Jeans West tee, Self made cardie (I shortened this in the weekend coz it was too long), Pants from..Japan? They were my mum's. And shoes; Pulp from Hannahs.

I don't know what goodbye is in German, so Guten Tag!!

Oh wait, I google translated it. It's Auf Wiedersehen.

Auf Wiedersehen!

Friday, August 13, 2010


I'm like utterly, randomly motivated. Since the day of these photos. I'm just been hyper. Not really. But I now have this random little motivation in me. It's quite good, I think. Excercise brings it out alot as well.

Paris Kids (Harajuku) earrings, Daiso scarf, Vintage glasses, Cotton On sweater, Saint James blazer, Forever 21 culottes, Simon DeWinter socks, Randa boots.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Floral Days...

Daiso scarf, navy sweater from this year's school fair, customised cotton on top, vintage belt (used to be my mums), self made leatherette shorts, pulp flats.

I was sick :( and then I couldn't wear heels because it hurt my legs!! So I had to wear flat shoes for two a row!! It was very sad. I did some yoga and slept lots and drank many glasses of water and now I'm (sort of) better. Any good tips on recovering from illnesses?

What I wore. DIY

Randa boots, Jay Jays leggings, self made cardie and dress, bag from Hong Kong markets, Daiso scarf.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hokonui Fashion Awards

My mum and I flew down to Invercargill then drove to Gore to go to the Hokonui Fashion Awards. I had a dress entered...I didn't win anything but at least we got those bags with free lipgloss and stuff in them!

I've never seen New Zealands South Island. The mountains and rivers looked so pretty from the plane! I'm not exactly a fan of nature, but still. The Southland countryside was also more exciting than in the North Island. I didn't take a pictue but I saw two hedge animals; a cute elephant and an ostrich :).

I think they have like an obsession with giant things in New Zealand. They have giant carrots, kiwifruit and gumboots..and an umbrella in Invercargill, I discovered. I think that Wellington would find a oversized umbrella more beneficial, though...It was sunny (though cold) in Southland but Wellington welcomed us back with torrential rain :(

I'm wearing a self made dress with a glassons belt.

Sunlight Sunbright?

Yeah, I look weird in the top photo :D
I like this dress. :) I got it for Christmas last year. Well I bought it with my Christmas money. It's nice and tea partyish!

Vintage glasses, Benetton scarf (I lost this scarf :( ...I think I left it in Invercargill airport!), Dollhouse dress, Ef jacket (newish...I got it last holidays in Melbourne), Nine West boots.

Photos: Hiroshi Craigie