Saturday, May 29, 2010

Australia Summer 2010

Ok I did attempt to photo shop a different background here but it failed to upload...

Top: Colza (from Japan) Blazer, Supre blue singlet, Valleygirl crocheted singlet, Lollipop ruffle skirt, Pulp shoes.
Middle: Jeans West sequinned jacket, Bling necklace, Just Jeans Belt, Agent Ninety Nine dress.
Bottom: Vintage glaases (used to be my mum's- I had some from Equip that broke then I found these and was like OMG! Reincarnated glasses!), Dotti necklace, Portmans top, Supre pants and belt, Warehouse shoes, Forever New bag.

I go to my dad's house in Australia most holidays and just stay home, mostly :/

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