Monday, May 31, 2010

Still missing/I don't wear this scarf everyday

Lolitta pink tshirt, Supre cardie, Orbit Over Knee Boots, Daiso scarf, Diva headband, Forever 21 flower ring. I love this ring! It was like $10(NZD), I got it from Forever 21 in Harajuku-5 levels and every level had a line for the counter as long as the ones at Disneyland!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ok I'll try and make the world a better place/Wishing it was summer

I attempted a photo shoot like the cool bloggers who are famous. It was quite hilarious. Photographers: Ali Janes and Lisa Kiyomoto-Fink :D
Diva earrings, Daiso (100 yen shop) scarf, Vintage blazer from The Recycle Boutique, Blue dress: Agent Ninety nine at General Pants Co., Fake Chanel bag from Hong Kong, Tights from Japan, Leg warmers from Aussie Sox, Wedges: Pulp at Hannahs

Hype at Lookbook!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Australia Summer 2010

Ok I did attempt to photo shop a different background here but it failed to upload...

Top: Colza (from Japan) Blazer, Supre blue singlet, Valleygirl crocheted singlet, Lollipop ruffle skirt, Pulp shoes.
Middle: Jeans West sequinned jacket, Bling necklace, Just Jeans Belt, Agent Ninety Nine dress.
Bottom: Vintage glaases (used to be my mum's- I had some from Equip that broke then I found these and was like OMG! Reincarnated glasses!), Dotti necklace, Portmans top, Supre pants and belt, Warehouse shoes, Forever New bag.

I go to my dad's house in Australia most holidays and just stay home, mostly :/

Denim frill skirt: Spiga (from japan) which I got off my friend :)

Lauren Conrad inspired...

Top: Just Jeans sunglasses, Warehouse tee, Fake Chanel bag from Hong Kong Markets, Rubi Shoes heels.
Bottom: Jay Jays sunglasses, Chanel Earrings, Supre cardie, Fujinella tee, Nine West boots.


I'll start from where I left off, almost. Christmas day 2009.
Jeans West jacket, Valleygirl top, Love 21 culottes, Insomnia shoes