Tuesday, November 17, 2009

When I wore this,  I had just watched "Leon", you know, the movie? Natalie Portman is in it.
So I was quite french inspired:
Cotton On floral scarf, Supre grey long sleeved top, Fujinella (from Myer) striped tshirt, my mums belt, culottes and white fishnetty tights, green tights (worn underneath) from Japan.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Paris Kids (in Harajuku) mini clip-on hat, My Mum's old lace bolero, Cotton On white sweater, Glassons heart necklace, Supre orange dress, Supre black full-length leggings.

Equip pink headband, I randomly found this bow clip in my house, Cotton On blue cardie, Cotton On floral dress (I customised it with a zip), sunglasses: from some pharmacy in the Gold Coast, Skirt: self made with a dress and lace, Equip white bangle, other bangles from somewhere in England, Supre skinnies, Briscoes pink leatherette backpack, My Mum's old chain purse.

Diva cream bow headband, Cotton On white sweater, Supre green tee (used to have long sleeves but I cut them), Glassons heart necklace, My Mum's old skirt, My Mum's tights

Diva cream bow headband, Supre grey wrap cardie, Blue tank top bought at the Cashmere Avenue School fair, Diva necklace, Supre plaited belt, Skirt made out of Supre cream dress and some random curtain lace :D